Sahithyapriya initiative is aimed at bringing out the lyrical aspects of kritis of great composers. Gaanapriya has been conducting a series of programmes that bring out the lyrical aspects such as literal meaning, philosophical meaning and convergence of music and lyrics in great compositions.

Some of the past and ongoing initiatives are:

  • Inaugural Programme by Kalyanapuram R. Aaravamudachariar
  • Bhadrachala Ramadas kritis by Udayalur Kalyanaraman
  • Dikshitar Kritis series by Dr N.Veezhinathan and Smt Radha Parthasarathy
  • Patnam Subhramanya Iyer kritis series by Tirumala Brothers
  • Divya Prabandham series by Embar Kasturi
  • Thevaram Series by Vaiyacheri Balasubramaniam
  • Lecture concert on Sadasiva Brahmendral by Dr N. Veezhinathan and V.Kanakadurga
  • Remembering T.Brinda (series) - by Geetha Raja
  • Sri GNB's 50th remembrance year function
  • Lecdem series on Tyagaraja swami kritis by Sri Embar R Kasturi

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